Level 4 Energy Enhancement Meditation Course

Level 4 -Energy Enhancement Meditation

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In Energy Enhancement Meditation Level 4 students learn incredibly life changing techniques.  The concept of “Chakra Energy Cords” is explored in a ways that very rarely get discussed in general.  Karma between you and family members, partners, ex-partners and friends is addressed directly in order to heal your present, past and future connection with them. You can finally “ground those hatchets”, purify the pain, ease tension, clarify the communication,  energetically free yourself from toxic connections ect. Because everyone around us has, does and will effect the way we interact in our relationships.

Mothers can affect the way you see women and fathers can affect the way you see men so this can really change your outlook on life.

By doing so you will instantly raise your energy, giving you back what was taken. In this level you can learn to help guide people to heal their blockages and enter into mastery…

1. Healing Close Family
2. Grounding and improving chakra connections from anyone past, present, future.
3. Removing blockages of the student
4. Healing the psychic sexual connection.
5. Mastery of tantric energy and removing blockages from clients

Level 4: Energy Enhancement Meditation Course – High Tantra Psychic Sexual Connection – The Mastery of Relationships by using Meditation.

Initiation 1:

Learn how to heal all addiction. Learn how to heal all your Addictions or strategy driven predelections to… Food, Alcohol, Smoking, Drugs and Sex.

Initiation 2:

The healing of the negative energy of close personal primary relationships including your mother and your father. Learn how to Heal all your Relationships Without talking to these people. Learn to heal at a distance all the Negative Energy which inevitably builds up in all our Primary Relationships.

Initiation 3:

The total healing of all chakra connections. Energy from further improving relationships and protection. How to clean all the energy connections of Attachment.


Initiation 4:

Creating and cleaning the soul connection in your students and friends.

Initiation 5:

The Mastery of the psychic energy connections.

Initiation 6:

The Mastery of trantic energy. How to Remove Implants, Transmute the Negative Karmic Mass of Blockages and Clean all the Chakras of your students and close personal relationships.

Initiation 7:

Ceremonies and Meditation Groups – Using the Energy of the Higher Heart, The Heart Center in the Head, Prajna Paramita, – The Soul and the Monad Itself, for the Healing of Groups, Organizations and the World.

Initiation 8:

The use of life experiences to notice and remove the Inner Children and the Strategies which are based on the inner children. The weaker inner children are very easy to remove, yet it sometimes needs stress pressure which is always occurring in life in order to get the more intelligent Soul Split inner children to show themselves.


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