Level 3 Energy Enhancement Meditation Course

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In Energy Enhancement Meditation Level 3, you ground your souls infinite timeline to rid it of its karma. Karma can be dangerous. Get a clean slate. Some fear blockages are there because people feel karma slowly coming to them in the future. In this level students learn to heal soul splits, like in Shamanic Soul Retrieval, you can search for inner children and heal them. Integration of your soul splits, is Soul fusion, the first dan of Enlightenment. Inner children are soul splits which split from trauma and impact of disappointment e.g. loss of a loved one.

Soul splits, are cut off from the Soul, the connection to infinite energy and so become independant for energy themselves and use strategies to get the energy from people with energy e.g. poor me, competitive dark star and violator. We’re taught to spot that in ourselves and in others so we are never vamped again. I lost many “friends” from this initiation. Only samyama will tell a friend from foe/energy vampire.

 Energy Enhancement Meditation Course Level 3:

The Removal of Deeper Blockages – Karma Cleaning – Energy Vampires.

Removal of Karma from all your past lives.

Removal of Karma from this and future lives.

Finding and healing soul splits/inner children.

Grounding negative emotions.

Removing strategies of the energy vampire.

Initiation 1:

The removal of old karma from all your past lifetimes. Remove all the Blockages from all your previous lifetimes. This is what they mean when they say a Master is not under the Laws of Karma. He has dissolved all the negativity from all his past lives.

Initiation 2:

The removal of old karma from all the future years in this lifetime and all your future lifetime.

Initiation 3:

The retrieval of the soul splits of the inner children sub-personalities.

Initiation 4:

The grounding of the emotions. This Initiation shows how to Ground, to Drain all the negative energies from your negative emotions and thus remove all your emotional Energy Blockages.

Initiation 5:

Removing the strategies of the psychopatic energy vampire. LEARN HOW NOT TO BECOME ENGAGED BY THEIR STRATEGIES TO SUCK YOUR ENERGY.

Initiation 6:

The Seven Step purification of trauma-formed negatice karmic mass in talents and the creation and increase of talents or angel talent colonies in level 3 of Energy Enhancement.


Initiation 7:

Removing vows from this life and all your past lives. Past life priest vows and vows to the dark side can affect present prosperity, self worth, and relationships. And they can continuously block you, and be carried from life time to life time. All Old Souls carry them and most have thousands of them buried in their minds. This Energy Enhancement Initiation method removes the blocks that are held deep within your subconscious mind. Traditional therapies cannot remove them.

Healing Past-Life Negative Pacts
Healing Past-Life Vows of Celibacy
Healing Past-Life Curses

Initiation 8:

The use of life experiences to notice and remove the Inner Children and the Strategies which are based on the inner children. The weaker inner children are very easy to remove, yet it sometimes needs stress pressure which is always occurring in life in order to get the more intelligent Soul Split inner children to show themselves.


Find out more about integrating and transmuting your shadow and its origins with the latest book by Satchidanand

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In this book, Satchidanand trashes the greatest most intellectual investigators and descriptors of the Shadow and the Shadow Subpersonalities. Great People – The Highest of All Humanity – Jordan Peterson, Carl Jung, Nieszche, and every Psychotherapy, Psychological therapist who can describe the problem of the Shadow, talk about the problem of the shadow but have no Practical solution to the Shadow. All of those guys Failed to Solve the Problem of the Shadow. None of these guys have Any practical solution for the Shadow.. And it is the Shadow Sub-personalities  which is the Source, The Fount, of All Evil on this Planet… And the Source of All Evil within You!!

Carl Jung says.. “There is no generally effective technique for assimilating the shadow. It is more like diplomacy or statesmanship and it is always an individual matter. First one has to accept and take seriously the existence of the shadow. Second, one has to become aware of its qualities and intentions. This happens through conscientious attention to moods, fantasies and impulses. Third, a long process of negotiation is unavoidable.” (Carl Jung)

As Jung notes in the passage above, he thought there is no general technique to integrate the shadow, even though the Buddha and Jesus Christ exemplified the Meditation Technology. For thousands of years great souls have come to earth to demonstrate otherwise, that enlightenment is, “Tat tvam asi” Thou art that!! You are a part of the Universe and have nothing else to seek.

Energy Enhancement Meditation – Spiritual Insight –  combined with psychological knowledge is THE complete way of processing and integrating your Shadow Side into wholeness.

Because Energy Enhancement Meditation has actual ancient time-tested meditive techniques that you can use and apply to your Shadow work to Heal All your trauma formed Subpersonalities and Integrate them into the Soul. As long as we have a Shadow Side we have Trauma formed Negative Karmic Mass – pain, fustration, pessimism, depression, anxiety, grief, bitterness, spitefulness, jealousy, anger, greed, lust, addiction, escapism, nihilism. These all need to be addressed and healed – transmuted and integrated.

Energy Enhancement Meditation uses the Psychic Spiritual Center – Third Eye as primary gateway into healing yourself. If we just use psychological analysis then we are limited.  If we just use creative therapies, dream exploration, trance-work etc then we are also limited still.  This is because we need it all, both sides.


Alchemical VITRIOL is an Ancient Meditation designed to remove Trauma from Memories!! VITRIOL IS A LATIN ACRONYM – VITRIOL. – Visita Interiore Terrae Rectificando Invenies Occultem Lapidem, THE GROUNDING AND TRANSMUTATION OF ENERGY BLOCKAGES – The unification of the conscious and the unconscious., night and day, hot and cold, masculine and feminine. In the center is the Ajna Chakra – Third Eye. The kundalini Serpent has risen from the Muladhara – Base Chakra to the Third Eye Center. The symbolic meaning of its risen state is a raised consciousness that has dissolved duality. A state of Wholeness – Integration – Enlightenment.

“Come together, right now, over me” Singing these famous song lyrics from the Beatles to yourself, You can come together, surpassing  your current-self to a higher-self!

With Energy Enhancement Meditation.

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