Level 0 Energy Enhancement Meditation – Free!!! when you purchase Level 1


FREE!!! when you Purchase Level 1

Practice in Parallel with the other Energy Enhancement Levels. Increase your Chi. Increase your strength. Increase your Health. Increase your ability to project Prana. Increase your ability to remove Energy Blockages.

The Twelve Initiations of Energy Enhancement Prana Course can be mastered and implemented in parallel with Level 1-4 Energy Enhancement Meditation Course. The aim is to help guide you to Wholeness through wholesome habits that increase your health, your prana and your ability to direct prana to remove energy blockages. Healthy body, healthy mind to benefit and enable all four Energy Enhancement Levels.

This is the Special time where all the tools – previously hidden – are made available to any who want to consciously engage in their own spiritual evolution. Energy Enhancement meditation teaches one how to unlock the full potential of their Kundalini energy!

“Many are called but few are chosen” Matthew 22:14

Energy Enhancement can aid you in this transformation into becoming Quetzalcoatl, your superhuman godlike self. NOW is the time!!!

Initiations of Level 0:

Initiation 1 – Agnisar Kriya

Initiation 2 – Hatha Yoga DVD Download by Satchidanand

Initiation 3 –  Pranayama 1 – alternate nostril breathing

Initiation 4 –  Bandhas

Initiation 5 –  Pranayama 2 – Kumbhaka

Initiation 6 – Nauli after mastering agnisar kriya

Initiation 7 –  Bhastrika

Initiation 8 – Pawan Muktasanas Video

Initiation 9 – Meditation Video Initiation 1 (of Eight Initiations) Of Level 1 of the Energy Enhancement Course

Initiation 10 –  Sambhavi Mudra

Initiation 11 – The Yogic Fat Burning Diet

Initiation 12 – Diet Supplementation


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