You Are The Highest Flowering – Osho

Here is a transcription taken from an audio recording of Osho. He speaks of the relationship between humanity and Mother Earth. His words flow in a slow pace, and he pausing for some while after each sentence.


“Be loving to the Earth.

Sow the seeds of Love on the Earth.

The question is not for you to enter into some paradise in the skies.

On the contrary.

The question is how to transform this Earth into paradise. It has all the potential.

Just an awakening about the potential of the Earth.

About the potential of the people on the Earth.

And there will be no talk about any heaven or any paradise or any Gods.

Man can become complete, fulfilled unto himself.

The Earth is searching through you its own meaning.

You are the highest evolved part of the Earth.

Have you ever considered your body is Earth…

Your brain is Earth.

Your Heart is Earth.

You are the highest flowering.

A Great Metamorphosis.

There seems to be no connection between the Earth and your eyes, but your eyes are nothing but the eyes of the Earth.

It is an effort of the Earth to see.

Your ears are an effort of the Earth to hear the music.”


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