Understanding the Energy Blockage Creation of The Golem – Homunculus – and it’s Cure through Energy Enhancement Meditation


The Spiritual Symbolism of The Jewish Golem – Homunculus – Creation of Negative Energy

“We Are Not Here To Capture Lame Horses” – Jan Fishan Khan


The Energy Enhancement Meditational Practise Of Alchemical Vitriol And The Grounding Of Negative Energies Very Quickly Leads One To The Study Of The Mind And Control Of The Mind.

Quickly We Find That Energy Blockages And Energy Blockage Implants Are That Which Stops The Process Of Enlightenment, Of Soul Infusion, Of Creativity, Of Free Will.

Illumination Is The State Of One Who Has Removed All Energy Blockages And Energy Blockage Implants From Their Psychic Body.

Implant Energy Blockages And Implant Addiction Energy Blockages Are Known To
Be Removed Only With Energy Enhancement Meditation

The Energy Enhancement Seven Step Process Only Can Remove Deep Implant Energy Blockages

The Ancient Ten Thousand Years Old Methodology Of The Creation And Implantation Of Energy Blockages In Ritual Are Simply A Course In How To Remove The Free Will In People So As To Reduce Their Natural Abilities And Thus Create Soulless Servants. This Is Simple But Really Clever Evil People Must Really Continue To Choose To Be Evil And As You Have Seen In, “The Devils Advocate” Movie, This Is Not Such A Simple Thing.

There Is A Lot Of Disinformation In This Process Because It Is Real – “False Gold Exists Only Because The Real Gold Is There” – Yes Meditation, Alchemy And Real Enlightenment Does Exist. Here Though There Is Much False Gold.. And Also Because It Is Used To Create Secret Societies Which Must Have The Whiff Of Truth But Not The True Truth – In Order To Persuade, To Offer Immortality Which Is Certainly Possible, But Not By The False Means Given..
For This Reason Meditation Has Been Propagandised Against So That The Only Means Of Removing Implant Energy Blockages From The Psyche – Meditation – Has Been Demeaned, Made Small, Forgotten About And Thus Not Used By The People Who Have Multiple Impants, The People Who Realy Need It, – All Humanity.
The Aim Of The Elite Is To Corrupt People By The Offer Of Immortality In Order To Get Bad Things Done, But Then To Cheat On The Finalisation Of The Deal. True Corruption And Mind Control To Create A Person With Real Intelligence Must Have A Willing Subject. Implanted People Are Normally Very Stupid By The Nature And Egotistical Purpose Of Their Implants – To Send Energy Back To The Implanter Who Is A Vampire – To Create A Battery Of Psychic Energy For The Benefit Of The Energy Vampire, Lifetime After Lifetime..


The Creation Of Alchemical Homunculus

The Creation Of Alchemical Homunculus And The Jewish Golem Energy Blockages Are The Ways Of Understanding Of How Parts Of The Mind Which Are Cut Off From The Soul Are Created In Ritual And Implanted Into The Mind And Body So As To Block Off The Passage To The Soul And To God And Thus To Control All The Minds Of Humanity.

The Existence Of A Golem Is Sometimes A Mixed Blessing. Golems Are Not Intelligent, And If Commanded To Perform A Task, They Will Perform The Instructions Literally. In Many Depictions Golems Are Inherently Perfectly Obedient. In Its Earliest Known Modern Form, One Story Has Rabbi Eliyahu Of Chelm Creating A Golem That Became Enormous And Uncooperative. In One Version Of This Story, The Rabbi Had To Resort To Trickery To Deactivate It, Whereupon It Crumbled Upon Its Creator And Crushed Him.

There Is A Similar Hubris Theme In Frankenstein, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice And Some Golem-derived Stories In Popular Culture. The Theme Also Manifests Itself In R.u.r. (Rossum’s Universal Robots), Karel Capek’s 1921 Play Which Coined The Term Robot; The Play Was Written In Prague And While Capek Denied That He Modeled The Robot After The Golem, There Are Many Similarities In The Plot. R.u.r.- Rossums Universal Robots By Karel Capek, Transl. By Voyen Koreis

The Essence Of Both The Alchemical Homunculus And The Jewish Golem Are That They Are Both Of Them Energy Blockages Created Without A Soul.

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The Alchemical Homunculus And The Jewish Golem Servants Will Just Follow Orders Without Any Care For What These Orders Are. In Essence The Energy Blockage Alchemical Homunculus And The Jewish Golem Are Born Psychopathic – Without Soul, Without Empathy And Without Conscience.

There Are Various Grades Of Servant However. At The Top Are Those People Afraid Of Death Who Are Told That The Way To An Eternal Life, An Immortal Life Of Pleasure Without The Need Ever To Say Sorry For Any Pleasure You Care To Take From Others.  And Their Pleasure Is At Expense Of The Suffering Of Others. These Are The Real Energy Vampires.

Those People At The Top, Who Have Been At The Top For Thousands Of Years Sell Their Program To Their Servants With These Lies. Their Servants, Of Course, Are Merely Servants And Are Dealt With After Serving When Their Use Has Run Out – These Are Merely The Wannabees Who Are Never Told The Real Secrets Of Energy Blockage Creation.
You Can See This In The Life Of Aleister Crowley – A Drug And Sex Addicted Fool Whose Energy Was Vampirised As He Spread Implant Addiction Blockages For The Vampiric Elite In His Sex Rituals.

Controlled Slaves Who Through Being Persuaded Of The Reality Of Immortality

Aleister Crowley – Sex Tantra Addict, Drug Addict, Victim Of Vampire Implant Addiction Blockages
They Are Merely Given Fairy Tales As The Secrets Of Alchemical Homunculus And Golem Making Are Like The Creation Of False Alchemy, Masonry, Rosicrucianism And New Age Movements.

However, The Ability To Make Mind Controlled Slaves Through The Use Of Energy Blockages Is Real And The Major Use Of The Wannabees Is To Create Of Them, Real Mind Controlled Slaves Who Through Being Persuaded Of The Reality Of Immortality, Will Further And Further Comply With The Programs Of The Real Energy Vampires.

Different Lies Are Told To Each Grade Of Servant In Order To Induce Compliance As In The Security Systems In Government Computers Which Have Fifteen Levels. Grade One Can See All Fifteen Levels, Grade Fifteen Can Only See Level Fifteen.

The Elite Psychopath And His Accomplices Of Course Cannot Allow Freedom And Creativity And A Free Use Of The Will In Any Of His Human Cattle. Being Very Afraid Of Death, They Are Taught That The Only Way To Escape It Is To Block Themselves Off From The Passage To The Soul And To God. With Blocked Hearts And Blocked Consciences They Will Do Anything To Secure Their Aim.

As Tolkien Said In A Poem, “Evil Is”

Smeagol is bewitched – implanted with an energy blockage by The Ring

Smeagol slowly becomes obsessed and consummed by the ring, drained by its power. A power designed to pervert the energy of good
 Gollum is unrecognisable as his former self (smeagol)


Tolkien Wrote About This Implantation Of Energy Blockages And The Creation Of Evil In The Lord Of The Rings As He Wrote About The Creature Gollum. Please Note That Here Tolkien Was Writing About The Golem – A Creature Without A Soul. Gollum Was Created By Him Taking The Ring – A Sentient Energy Blockage Into Which Sauron The Evil Black Magician Had Imparted A Great Part Of His Evil Energy.

The Effect Of This Evil Energy On Gollum Was First To Attract Him, Then To Addict Him, Then To Pervert And Split Him. The Two Sub-personalities Of Stinker And Slinker Are Well Portrayed In The Lord Of The Rings Movie.

Gollum Is So Cut Off From His Soul That He Has No Soul Infused Personality And The Only Personalities He Has Is The Two Psychopathic Stinker And Slinker Personalities Who Will Do Anything To Regain The Ring. As Sam Says To Frodo And I Paraphrase.. “There Isn’t Anything Left In Him Except Deception And Murder, There Is No Hope For Him At All”

The Wise However Reject The Ring. We See This In Gandalf, Galadriel And Aragorn. “Oh, I Would Take It From A Wish To Do Good, But Eventually It Would Wield Through Me A Power To Terrible To Contemplate” – Gandalf.

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Gandalf the Wise rejects the ring, knowing that it could corrupt him..

The Only Solution Is The Destruction Of The Ring Energy Blockage By Burning It Up In The Hot Fires In The Center Of The Earth Inside The Volcano Mount Orodruin Where It Was Originally Forged By The Black Magician, Sauron – This Is The Real Alchemical Vitriol.

Also, Know That Good Energy Blockages Are Created Used To Create Goodness And Talents For The Benefit Of Humanity. How These Are Created Is A Further Gift Of Energy Enhancement Techniques. First, All Of The Negative Karmic Mass Must Be Removed From The Blockage, Then.. Just Get The Energy Enhancement Course!!

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Depending On The Amounts And Quality Of Energy Blockage Implants Introduced Into The System Of The Human Being And Also The Quality Of The Psychic Body Of The Human Being, We Have The Different Types Of Blocked People As Written About By Thoreau..

Most Humans Are Implanted In Previous Lifetimes, When They Are Born And Throughout Their Life. This Leads Them To Think That Their Happiness Is Dependent Upon Then Getting What They Want, What They Desire To That Which They Are Addicted.

The Pursuit Of Their Desires And Addictions, Thinking That Their Happiness Is Dependent On Them Attaining Their Ends Has The Effect Of Leading To Greater And Greater Levels Of Perversion – Towards Complete Psychopathy.

Karma – The Results Of This Type Of Evil Life Always Leads Towards Bad Events, Things Ending Badly.

Over Many Lifetimes This Knowledge Of The Evil Effects Of Karma Becomes Hard Wired Into The System. To Start With People Enter Into Evil With Great Enthusiasm, But Because Of Their Lack Of Evolution, They Find They Have No Talent For It.

After Many Lifetimes They Have The Talent For Evil But The Karmic Results Of Their Actions Over Many Lifetimes Has So Affected Them That They Can Never Become Truly Evil Again.

They Are Too Good To Be Truly Bad.

When Tested In Badness By Their Evil Masters, They Fail The Test!!

The Results Of Up To A Hundred Lifetimes Of Evolution Are Here In This Quote From Henry David Thoreau..

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“The Mass Of Men Serve The State Thus, Not As Men Mainly, But As Machines, With Their Bodies. They Are The Standing Army, And The Militia, Jailers, Constables, Posse Comitatus, Etc. In Most Cases There Is No Free Exercise Whatever Of The Judgment Or Of The Moral Sense; But They Put Themselves On A Level With Wood And Earth And Stones; And Wooden Men Can Perhaps Be Manufactured That Will Serve The Purpose As Well. Such Command No More Respect Than Men Of Straw Or A Lump Of Dirt. They Have The Same Sort Of Worth Only As Horses And Dogs.

Yet Such As These Even Are Commonly Esteemed Good Citizens. Others—as Most Legislators, Politicians, Lawyers, Ministers, And Office-holders—serve The State Chiefly With Their Heads; And, As They Rarely Make Any Moral Distinctions, They Are As Likely To Serve The Devil, Without Intending It, As God. A Very Few—as Heroes, Patriots, Martyrs, Reformers In The Great Sense, And Men—serve The State With Their Consciences Also, And So Necessarily Resist It For The Most Part; And Are Commonly Treated As Enemies By It.”

-henry David Thoreau

Henry David Thoreau And The Three Types Of People

Thoreau Is Writing That Of The Three Types Of People Above Only The Third Type Have A Soul And A Conscience And To Have That They Must Have Less Energy Blockages Than The Masses And Their Controllers – People Who Have Evolved Minds And Emotions And Are On The Verge Of Waking Up – “A Very Few—as Heroes, Patriots, Martyrs, Reformers In The Great Sense, And Men — Serve The State With Their Consciences Also, And So Necessarily Resist It For The Most Part; And Are Commonly Treated As Enemies By It.”

The First Type Are The Masses 

Emotionally Based Without Too Much Of A Mind, “The Mass Of Men Serve The State Thus, Not As Men Mainly, But As Machines, With Their Bodies. They Are The Standing Army, And The Militia, Jailers, Constables, Posse Comitatus, Etc. In Most Cases There Is No Free Exercise Whatever Of The Judgment Or Of The Moral Sense; But They Put Themselves On A Level With Wood And Earth And Stones; And Wooden Men Can Perhaps Be Manufactured That Will Serve The Purpose As Well. Such Command No More Respect Than Men Of Straw Or A Lump Of Dirt. They Have The Same Sort Of Worth Only As Horses And Dogs. Yet Such As These Even Are Commonly Esteemed Good Citizens”

The Mass Of Men Serve The State Thus, Not As Men Mainly, But As Machines, With Their Bodies. They Are The Standing Army, And The Militia…

As Brian (Monty Python’s Life Of Brian) Said, “You Don’t Have To Follow Orders!” Centurion, “Oi Loikes Following Orders!”

The Second Type

Are The Kind Of People Born Of Oligarchic Families Which Are Very Well Implanted And Thus Highly Controlled And The Psychopathic Mental Types Who Go To University. The Vast Masses Of People Only Need A Few Collaborators To Control Them. People Who Are Well Tested In Evil Before They Are Fully Trusted To Do Their Jobs, In Order To Control The International Companies, Banks, Politicians And Burocracies – “Others—as Most Legislators, Politicians, Lawyers, Ministers, And Office-holders—serve The State Chiefly With Their Heads; And, As They Rarely Make Any Moral Distinctions, They Are As Likely To Serve The Devil, Without Intending It, As God”

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The Rest Of The People

Are Trained In Badness But In General They Are Lulled Into A False Sense Of Security And Sleep By The Energy Blockages Implanted And The “Big Lie” Propaganda From All Media, Or They Are Afraid And Just Want To Be Left In Peace.

As The Third Zen Patriarch, Sosan Says, “They Know” But They Do Not Want To Act. They Are Not Yet Awake.

How Many Zen Masters Does It Take To Change A Light Bulb? None, But The Light Bulb Has Really Got To Want To Change!!
The Light Bulb Who Wants To Be Illuminated Must Really Deeply Want It!!

So, How Do We Make Evil Energy Blockages?

Paracelsus Talks About How The Creation Of The Homunculus A Recipe For The Formation Of A “chymicall Homunculus” In The Controversial Late Treatise, De Rerum Naturae (1537), Addressed To His Brother And Summarizing The Gist Of His Knowledge As He Saw It In The Last Phase Of His Life.

His Man-made Man Is Formed Alchemically — In A Test Tube—from Human Sperm, Heated By Horse Dung For The Forty Weeks Of Normal Human Pregnancy.

Sperm Is A Primary Constituent Of Magic Because Of Its Great Energy, Its Chi, Its Jing Its Prana Which Has The Ability To Create And Program Energy Blockages.

Aleister Crowley With His Sex Magic Sacrificed His Sperm Every Day Into The Womb Of His “Scarlet Woman”, His “Whore Of Babylon” In Order To Make Things Happen.

As Paracelcus Says, According To A Seventeenth-century English Translation, “from Such Artificiall Men, When They Come To Mans Age, Are Made Pygmies, Gyants, And Other Great And Monstrous Men, Who Are The Instruments Of Great Matters”
These Are The Types Of People Controlled By Energy Blockages. Depending On The Evolution And The Amounts Of Energy Blockages You Get The Three Types.

Thus The Three Types Of Men By Thoreau.

Thus The Alchemical Homunculus Energy Blockage, When Implanted In People Who Then Become The “Instruments Of Great Matters”.

Students Experience

One Of My Students Got A Degree In Human Relations And Went To Work For British Steel.

His First Job Was To Be In Charge Of Firing 50,000 People. He So Enjoyed This, Had So Much Enthusiasm For This Evil Deed – He Was Collaborating With Evil – That In His Next Job He Was Promoted To Be Managing Director Of A Carlsburg Brewery Making Lager.
This Collaboration With Evil Is Something Very Subtle, But I Can Illustrate It With A Scene From “Pascualino Of The Seven Beauties” By Lina Wertmuller. In That Movie Rabbis Were Asked To Clean Out The Gas Ovens In A Concentration Camp And One By One They Refused.. And One By One They Were Shot!!

At First He Was So Happy, But Later He Noticed That Everyone In The Business Was An Alcoholic, Addicted To Alcohol. Also That This Alcoholism Was Promoted By The Business By The Giving Of Free And Cheap Alcoholic Drinks To All The Personnel As Part Of The Business. Also, Everyone Who Was An Alcoholic Was Happy To Be An Alcoholic And Really Happy To Be Given Free And Cheap Alcoholic Drinks Which Had The Effect Of, “Greasing The Wheels” Of The Business.

Unfortunately Our Student Became Very Sad Seeing The Effects Of Alcoholism Of The Staff. He Felt The Pain Of Such A Perversion Of The Happiness Of People.

So, He Tried To Change The System By Removing The Alcohol From The Staff.

The Company Went Bankrupt In Two Years.

He Was Offered The World At The Cost Of His Soul And Like Jesus He Said, “Get Thee Behind Me Satan!”

He Failed To Be Bad Enough.

He Was Just Not Bad Enough To Be Offered The Next Step On The Ladder Of Perversion.

He Was Just Too Good To Be Bad!!

And For The Elite This Is The Problem Of All Humanity – They Are Just Not Bad Enough!!

In Order To Join The Mafia You First Have To, “Make Your Bones”

You Have To Murder, Assassinate, Someone Before You Can Join, Before You Can Be Trusted.

This Type Of Badness Must Be Created By Very Hard Work Over Many Many Years. Yet With All This, The Vast Mass Of Humanity Are Just Too Good To Be Bad.

Normal People Are Just Too Good To Do This Kind Of Thing.
They Must Continue To Reject Evil Until They Become Enlightened – “This World Is A Factory For The Production Of Enlightened People” Until They Are Just Too Good To Be Bad!!
“Goodness And Mercy Shall Follow Me All The Days Of My Life, And I Shall Dwell In The House Of The Lord Forever!”

Thus The Continuous Process Of Ongoing Perversion In All Media – Books, Newspapers, Television, Cable, And Movies. Thus The Continuous Process Of Ongoing Perversion By Energy Blockage Implantation At Birth, In Public Schools, In Elite Universities And In Joining Secret Societies.

Company World Is Run For The Real Elite – Perhaps Thirteen People – By A Small Percentage Of Highly Intelligent University Trained People From Highly Implanted Families Who Have Been Highly Tried And Tested Over Many Years In Evil.

Orcs Trained To Be Bad

Alchemy And The Creation Of Energy Blockages

Simon Magus Was Said To Have Boasted Of His Own Homunculus, Made Of Air, That His Creative Power Was Not Just Like But The Same As And Indeed Greater Than God’s, For He Had Created A Man Out Of Air, “which Was A Thing More Difficult Than Creating Him Of Earth.” – Idel, Golem, 5, Quoted From Ante-nicene Fathers, Bk. 2, Chap. 15, P. 101, Also Available Online As Early Church Fathers (Christian Classics Ethereal Library), Http://www.ccel.org/fathers.html

Thus The Homunculus Of Simon Magus Was Not Physical, It Was An Energy Blockage, Made Out Of Air And Energy.

In Carl Jung’s Studies Of Alchemy, He Believed The First Record Of A Homunculus In Alchemical Literature Appeared In The Visions Of Zosimos, Written In The Third Century Ad, Although The Actual Word “Homunculus” Was Never Used Because What Was Referred To In These Writings Were The Sub – Personalities Living Within Human Beings.

We Purify And Retrieve These Sub Personalities With Energy Enhancement Meditational Techniques In Level Three Of Energy Enhancement.

In The Visions, Zosimos Mentions Encountering A Man Who Impales Himself With A Sword, And Then Undergoes “Unendurable Torment”, His Eyes Become Blood, He Spews Forth His Flesh, And Changes Into “The Opposite Of Himself, Into A Mutilated Anthroparion (A Greek Alchemical Concept Of A Being Somewhat Similar To A Golem But Possessing A Sense Of Will And Intelligence), And He Tore His Flesh With His Own Teeth, And Sank Into Himself”, Zosimos Later Encounters Several Other Sub Personalities, Named As The Brazen Man, The Leaden Man, And So Forth. Commonly, The Homunculi “Submit Themselves To Unendurable Torment” And Undergo Alchemical Transformation.

These Visions Are Humanly Trauma Created Sub Personalities Created In This And In Previous Lifetimes. All We Need To Do Is To Ground Their Negative Energies And Integrate Them With The Soul. Thus All Pain Is Taken Back And The Good Part Of The Blockage Reintegrated With The Soul, The Soul Infused Personality Of The Enlightened.

In Islamic Alchemy, Takwin (Arabic: ??????) Was A Goal Of Certain Muslim Alchemists, Notably Jabir Ibn Hayyan (Later Known As Geber In Europe). In The Alchemical Context, Takwin Refers To The Artificial Creation Of Life In The Laboratory, Up To And Including Human Life.

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Homunculi In Sperm

The Alchemical Connection Also Occurs In The German Playwright Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe’s Rendition Of Faust, Part 2 Which Has That Famed Sorcerer’s Former Student, Wagner, Create A Homunculus, Who Then Carries Out Extended Conversations With Mephistopheles As Well As Travels With Him To The Pharsalian Fields To Save Faust.

In His Source Study Of Englishwoman Mary Shelley’s Novel Frankenstein, Prof. Radu Florescu Notes That Her Father, William Godwin, And Her Husband, Percy Bysshe Shelley Were Both Quite Familiar With The Lives And Works Of Alchemists Like Paracelsus And Others. Florescu Also Suggests That Johann Conrad Dippel, An Alchemist Born In Castle Frankenstein Whom He Believes May Have Been The Inspiration For Victor Frankenstein, Was A Student Of Dr. David Christianus.

Of Course, To Take Over A Body, It Is Not Necessary That That Body Be Dead As That Of Frankensteins Monster. Instead, Energy Blockages Can Be Implanted And The Life Of The Monster Then Used For Ulterior Purposes.


In Laurence Sterne´s The Life And Opinions Of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman, Volume I, Chapter Ii, There Is A Reference To The Homunculus: “(…) The Animal Spirits, Whose Business It Was To Have Escorted And Gone Hand-in-hand With The Homunculus, And Conducted Him Safe To The Place Destined For His Reception.”

German Horror Writer Hanns Heinz Ewers Used The Mandrake Method For Creating A Homunculus As The Inspiration For His 1911 Novel Alraune, In Which A Prostitute Is Impregnated With Semen From A Hanged Murderer To Create A Woman Devoid Of Morals Or Conscience. Several Cinematic Adaptations Of Alraune Have Been Made Over The Years, The Most Recent In 1952 With Erich Von Stroheim. Energy Blockages Passed On By Aura, Touch And Sex!!

Indeed This Is The Core Of The Movie, “Metropolis” By Fritz Lang. Where A Robot Is Animated By The Energy Of A Beautiful And Good Lady. The Robot Becomes A Mirror Image Of The Lady And Becomes Bad – A Woman Devoid Of Morals Or Conscience..

Dennis Wheatley’s Novel The Satanist Hutchinson 1960. As Part Of The Plot A Satanist Using Homunculi As Part Of His Occult Ritual To Create Air-breathing Creatures. The Homunculi Were Created And Stored In Large Fluid Filled Jars From A Previous Ritual. The Ultimate Transformation Required A 21-year-old Virgin To Be Sacrificed And Her Blood Fed To The Homunculi. The Virgin Had Previously Been Christened To Satan At Birth By Her Father For Occult Favours And Riches, Unknown To Herself. There Is Much Hope In The Elite That Genetic Science Can Create Clones And Mixed Animal/human Chimeras Which Will Be More Amenable To Following Orders!!

In English Novelist W. Somerset Maugham’s 1908 Work The Magician, Oliver Haddo, A Character Based On British Occultist Aleister Crowley, Is Obsessed With The Creation Of Homunculi. As We Have Seen Previously With His Sex Magic, The Aim Was To Create Energy Blockages.

Alchemy Was Often What Was Meant By The Phrase “the Art” In Renaissance English, French, And Latin, Known As The Ars Divina, The “sacred Art,” Or, More Ominously In German, Der Schwarze Kunst. Du Cange’s Great Dictionary Of Medieval And Renaissance Latin Translates Chimia As “auri Conficiendi Ars Sacra . . . [the Sacred Art Of Making Gold] Nostris Alchimie”; The Larousse Dictionary Of Renaissance French Gives The First Instance Of Chimie In French As 1554, Meaning “alchimie.” The True Aim Of Spiritual Alchemy Of Course Is Not To Create The Metal Gold – False Gold – But To Create The Pure Spiritual Golden Aura, Pure, Good, Soul Infused. This Is One Example Of How The Spiritual Nature Of Alchemy Was Perverted By The Selfish Competitive Ego.

The True Aim Of Spiritual Alchemy Of Course Is Not To Create The Metal Gold – False Gold – But To Create The Pure Spiritual Golden Aura, Pure, Good, Soul Infused

By Creating An Anthropoid Golem, The Jewish Master Is Not Only Able To Display His Creative Forces, But May Attain The Experience Of The Creative Moment Of God, Who Also Has Created Man In A Similar Way To That Found In The Recipes Used By The Mystics And Magicians. Paraphrasing A Statement Of Glanvill, We May Describe The Golem Practices As An Attempt Of Man To Know God By The Art He Uses In Order To Create Man. —moshe Idel, The Golem (1990) (Emphasis Added)

The Actual Magical Production Of A Golem To The Late Twelfth- And Thirteenth-century Writings Of Rabbi Eleazar Of Worms And His Circle, Along With The Pseudo-saadya.[18] This Magical Production, Whether “ritual,” As Scholem Calls It, Or “technique,” As Idel Prefers To Say, Involves The Complicated Utterance (Letter By Letter) Of Certain “words Of Institution” Over A Man-shaped Lump Of Clay, In Preference To The Harnessing Of Celestial Or Astral Energies As In The Alchemical Tradition.[19] It Stems, Ultimately, From Commentary On The Word “golem,” Which Appears Only Once In The Bible: A Second- Or Third-century Midrash In The Genesis Rabbah Reads, “in The Hour When God First Created Adam, He Created Him As A Golem, And He Was Stretched Out From One End Of The World To The Other, As It Is Written In Psalms (139:16): ‘thine Eyes Did See My Golem.’”

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The Making Of The Golem From The Letters Of The Name Of God And/or From The So-called Alphabets Of The Mystical Book Of Creation Has A Long, Complex, And Fascinating History In Talmud, Midrash, And Kabbalah—in “official,” Folk, And Esoteric Commentary On Genesis. Some Texts Bespeak More Ambivalence Than Others, Some Are Mystical, And Some Provide Instructions For The Production Of The Golem. The Actual Making Of The Golem Is An Intense Experience More Important Than Any Pragmatic Result. Scholem Sees The Medieval Texts As Built Around A Ritual In Which The Officiating Rabbi Experiences An Ecstasy Of Identification With God The Creator; The Development Of The Pragmatic Idea Of The Golem As Servant Like Faust’s Homunculus Is Very Late.[21]

The Production Of The “artificial Man,” As The Renaissance Called Him, And This Version Depends—as Did The Making Of The Golem And The Transubstantiation Of The Host, At Least In Part—on Literalized Metaphor, On “words Of Institution”: The Golem In Particular Was To Be Made From Individual Jewish Alphabet Characters, Like A Software Program.[22]

The Making Of The Golem Is A Primarily Religious Matter; The Homunculus Is Formed From Male Sperm, The Golem Merely From “virgin” Soil. But Even If They Are Theoretically Different In Their Immediate Contexts, They Bespeak A Similar Longing And A Similar Relation To The Problematics Of Sameness.

[n]ot Only All Animalls, Which Have Not Proper Parents, And Are Not Borne Of Things Like To Themselves Are Monsters, But Also Those Which Are Bred Of Other Things Like Chimeras Presently Being Created In A Laboratory Near You!!
Imagine Many Vampire Bm’s Living In Their Own Private Universes On The Astral Plane For Thousands Of Years Yet Downloading Into, Golemising, Possessing, Oligarchic Head Of A Bloodline Family Bodies – Lifetime After Lifetime – Vampirising Millions Of People Through Implant Addiction Blockage Psychic Cords Like A Telephone Exchange Back To The Astral Plane – Draining All Humanity!!

Blockages In The Astral Plan Draining Energy

So You See It Is Concerning A Basiliske, Which Also Is A Monster, And Indeed A Monster Above All Monsters, And [than] Which None Is To Bee More Dreaded, Because Hee Can Kill Any Man With His Meer Looks, And Sight: And Because His Poison Is Above All Poisons, To Which Nothing In The World Is To Be Compared. Hee Carries His Poison In A Most Secret Manner In His Eyes, And It Is A Conceived Poison, Not Much Unlike A Menstruous Woman, Who Also Carrieth A Secret Poison In Her Eyes, So That Only By Her Looks A Looking Glasse Is Fouled, And Tainted. So Also If Shee Looke Upon A Wound, Or An Ulcer, Shee Infects That In A Like Manner, And Hinders The Cure Thereof: So Also With Her Breath, As Well As Sight, Shee Infects Divers Things, Corrupts, And Weakens Them; And So Also With Her Touch.

For You See[,] If Shee Medle With Wine At The Time Of Her Menstrues, That It Is Suddainly Changed, And Made Thick; The Vinegar Also That She Medles Withall, Becomes Dead, And Useless. . . . But To Return To What I Proposed Concerning The Basiliske, By What Reason, And In What Manner Hee Carries Poison In His Looks, And Eyes; You Must Know That Hee Hath That Property, And Poison From Menstruous Women, As Is Aforesaid. For The Basiliske Is Bred Of, And Proceeds From The Greatest Impurity Of A Woman, Viz. Her Menstrues, And From The Blood Of [her] Sperm, If It Bee Put Into A Gourd Glasse, And Putrefied In Horsedung, In Which Putrefaction A Basiliske Is Brought Forth [emphasis Mine].

The Making Of Hummunculus

On The Other Hand, Wee Must By No Means Forget The Generation Of Artificial Men. For There Is Some Truth In This Thing, Although It Hath Been A Long Time Concealed, And There Have Been No Small Doubts, And Questions, Raised By Some Of The Ancient Philosophers, Whether It Were Possible For Nature, Or Art To Beget A Man Out[side] Of The Body Of A Woman, And Naturall Matrix? To This I Answer, That It Is In No Way Repugnant To The Art Of Alchymie, And Nature, Yea It Is Very Possible: But To Effect It, We Must Proceed Thus.

Let The Sperm Of A Man By Itself Be Putrified In A Gourd Glasse, Sealed Up, With The Highest Degree Of Putrefaction In Horse Dung, For The Space Of Forty Days, Or So Long Untill It Begin To Bee Alive, Move, And Stir, Which May Easily Be Seen. After This Time It Will Be Something Like A Man, Yet Transparent, And Without A Body. Now After This, If It Bee Every Day Warily, And Prudently Nourished And Fed With The Arcanum Of Mans Blood, And Bee For The Space Of Forty Weeks Kept In A Constant, Equall Heat Of Horsedung, It Will Become A True, And Living Infant, Having All The Members Of An Infant, Which Is Born Of A Woman, But It Will Be Far Lesse. This Wee Call Homunculus, Or Artificiall [man?].

And This Is Afterwards To Be Brought Up With As Great Care, And Diligence As Any Other Infant, Until It Come To Riper Years Of Understanding. Now This Is One Of The Greatest Secrets That God Ever Made Known To Mortall, Sinfull Man. For This Is A Miracle, And One Of The Great Wonders Of God, And Secret Above All Secrets, And Deservedly It Ought To Be Kept Amongst The Secrets Until The Last Times, When Nothing Shall Be Hid [the Apocalypse], But All Things Made Manifest.

The General Topic Under Which Paracelsus Brings It Up, As An Alternative, Is The Topic Of Monsters, Which Paracelsus Himself Defines As “animalls, Which Have Not Proper Parents, And Are Not Borne Of Things Like To Themselves,” Or Else Things Made By Art “in A Glasse,” Like The Basiliske Or Those Fantastical Creatures Discussed In The Arabic Texts Of Pseudo-jabir.

Jabir ibn Hayyan

For, As Paracelsus Says In His Book On The Bringing Forth Of Men:

God Wills To Make Man Out Of Two, And Not Out Of One Alone. For If Men Were Born Of The Seed Of One Individual, He Would Not Change In Nature. His Child Would Be (A Clone) Just As He Is, In The Manner Of A Walnut Tree, Which Is Reborn Of Itself Alone, And Therefore Is Entirely Like The One From Which It Is Born. . . . But The Mixing Of Seeds Of Man And Woman Results In So Much Change That No Individual Can Be Like The Other. . . . Each Individual’s Seed Breaks The Unity Of The Other, And That Is Why No Man Is Like Another.[26]

De Homunculis Encourages Widespread Monogenetic Reproduction. What I Am Pointing To In The Veneration Of Magical Masculine “ectogenesis” In An Occult Literature Stretching From Late Antiquity Through The Seventeenth Century, From Persia To Massachusetts, Is An Always Troubling, Often Ambivalent, Wish To Abolish The Necessity Of Difference, The Primacy Of Difference: A Wish That Unites The Mutually Aversive Religious Cultures Of Islam, Judaism, Catholicism, And Lutheran Christianity, As Well As Classical And Hellenistic Philosophers. – And Now With Current Genetic Science We Can Breed The Clone Armies Of Star Wars Or Submissive Slaves!!

The Alchemical Homunculus. Arguments About The Metaphorical Bearing Of The “words Of Institution,” With Which We Have Observed Close Parallels In The Production Of The Golem, Are Connected To The Human, If Divinely Endowed, Power Of Priests (And Rabbis) To Produce A Conversion Of Substance (Conversio Substantialis), Which We See Literalized In The Technology Of An Increasingly Allegorized And Spiritualized Alchemy. Already Tostado In The Fifteenth Century Saw The Incarnation As Related To The Demonic Processes Involved In The Alchemical Creation Of The Homunculus, And The Esoteric But Canonical Gospel Of John Links The Incarnation As Closely As Possible To The Concept Of The “words Of Institution”:

“In The Beginning Was The Word, And The Word Was With God, And The Word Was God” (John 1:1) And “the Word Was Made Flesh, And Dwelt Among Us. . . .” (John 1:14, Authorized Version).

The Usual Jewish Stance Toward This Omnipotent Other, And The Ineluctable Muslim And Christian Stance, Is One Of Yearning, A Desire To Merge Identities In An Ecstasy Of Union. “be Thou Perfect, Even As Thy Father In Heaven Is Perfect,” Said Christ, And Thomas Á Kempis Obligingly Created A Manual In The Imitatio Christi (1418). Christian Mimesis And Similitude Is Not Only Encouraged But Enjoined, In A Reversal Of The Resistant Homeric Perception (Hinted At Also In The Book Of Job) That The Gods Imitate Men, In All But The Moral Seriousness Of Mortals Who Must One Day Meet An Absolute Death. That Mirror That The Woman And The Basiliske Foul With Their Gaze Shines Clear And Bright When A Man Looks Into The Eyes Of God And Sees A Glorified Image Of Himself.

Simon Magus

It Is All Very Well For A Man To Imitate Christ, Or To See Himself As Made “in The Image And Likeness Of God.” But Simon Magus Was Said To Have Boasted Of His Own Homunculus, Made Of Air, That His Creative Power Was Not Just Like But The Same As And Indeed Greater Than God’s, For He Had Created A Man Out Of Air, “which Was A Thing More Difficult Than Creating Him Of Earth.”[29]

Simon Magus is described in the new testament as having used black magic to gain power over people:

“But there was a certain man, called Simon, which beforetime in the same city used sorcery, and bewitched the people of Samaria, giving out that himself was some great one: to whom they all gave heed, from the least to the greatest, saying, “This man is the great power [Gr. Dynamis Megale] of God. And to him they had regard, because that of long time he had bewitched them with sorceries. But when they believed Philip preaching the things concerning the kingdom of God, and the name of Jesus Christ they were baptized, both men and women. Then Simon himself believed also: and when he was baptized, he continued with Philip, and wondered, beholding the miracles and signs which were done.

Now when the apostles which were at Jerusalem heard that Samaria had received the word of God, they sent unto them Peter and John: who, when they were come down, prayed for them, that they might receive the Holy Ghost: (for as yet he was fallen upon none of them: only they were baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus.) Then laid they their hands on them, and they received the Holy Ghost.

Simon Magus offering money to receive the Holy Ghost


And when Simon saw that through laying on of the apostles’ hands the Holy Ghost was given, he offered them money, saying, “Give me also this power, that on whomsoever I lay hands, he may receive the Holy Ghost.” But Peter said unto him, “Thy money perish with thee, because thou hast thought that the gift of God may be purchased with money. Thou hast neither part nor lot in this matter: for thy heart is not right in the sight of God. Repent therefore of this thy wickedness, and pray God, if perhaps the thought [Gr. Epinoiaof thine heart may be forgiven thee, for I perceive that thou art in the gall of bitterness, and in the bond of iniquity.” Then answered Simon, and said, “Pray ye to the Lord for me, that none of these things which ye have spoken come upon me.”

-Acts 8:9-24

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