Understanding The Alchemical Flame, Antahkarana Column, DNA and The Masonic Joachim and Boaz

Understanding The Alchemical Flame- Antahkarana Column, DNA and The Masonic Joachim and Boaz

Pythagorean Foundations Of Energy Enhancement – The Central Fire, Kundalini Chakra In The Center Of The Earth

Energy Circulation Of The Elements – The Medieval Circle Of Transformation

The Circle Of Transformation Is Extended Into An Antahkarana Column

In Reality The Circle Of Transformation Is Extended Into The Antahkarana Column Which Has Two Flows, Upward And Downward Between Heaven And Earth, Each With Magnetic Spirals Around It

“i Will Make The Victor A Pillar In The Temple Of My God, And He Shall Go Out No More: And I Will Write Upon Him The Name Of My God, And The Name Of The City Of My God, Which Is New Jerusalem, Which Cometh Down Out Of Heaven From My God: And I Will Write Upon Him My New Name.” Revelations 3:12

The Masonic Joachim And Boaz Columns Are The Antahkarana, The Kundalini Kriyas And Vitriol
The Upward Flow From Earth To Heaven Has Clockwise Spirals Around It, The Downward Flow Has Anticlockwise Spirals Around It As Shown Below In The Masonic Joachim And Boaz Columns

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The Antahkarana Strand Of Dna
The Two Spiral Flows, 180 Degrees Out Of Phase, Come Together In One Antahkarana Column Of Protection – Energy Enhancement Initiation 6 – As In A Strand Of Dna

Kundalini Chakra
Pythagorean Foundations Of Energy Enhancement – The Central Fire, Kundalini Chakra In The Center Of The Earth

Alchemical Vitriol, Tartaros And The “Black Sun”

The Energy Flow Between The Sun And The Center Of The Earth

According To Myth, After The Sun Sets, It Shines In Tartaros. Therefore The Vitriol Central Fire Of Kundalini Chakra In The Center Of The Earth Is Known As The Dark Sun, The Black Sun, The Invisible Sun, The Subterranean Sun And The Volcanic Sun, And There Is A Paradoxical Unity Between The Sun And The Underworld. This Is Why Parmenides Was Led By The Daughters Of The Sun Into The House Of Night; It Is Also The Path Followed By The Dead.

The Astrological Symbol For The Sun Represents The Fire At The Center; It Was Also An Ancient Alchemical Symbol For Sulphur, The Fiery Principle. The Doctrine Of The Central Fire Is The Original, Mystical Heliocentric Theory, Which Copernicus Borrowed, But Has Become Debased Into No More Than Astronomy. Copernicus Himself Called It The “Pythagorean Theory.”

Foundations Of Energy Enhancement Synthesis Of All The Paths – Greek Myth, Orphic Mystery, Alchemy – Hephaistos And Alchemy
The Ancient Greeks Distinguished The Destructive (Aidêlon) Fire, Associated With Hades In The Center Of The Earth (Aidês), From The Creative Fire Of The Sun, Associated With Hephaistos, The Divine Smith Or Craftsman.

In Orphic Cosmologies, As In Many Others, A Divine Craftsman Is Born From The Cosmic Egg Which Is An Opened Out Antahkarana With Energies Flowing Down One Side Of A Column Of Energy Twixt Heaven And Earth Into The Center Of The Earth And Up The Other Side From The Center Of The Earth Into The Central Spiritual Sun Or Is Responsible For Opening It.
Similarly, In Indian Tradition The Craftsman Kâla Is The Sun, The Golden Embryo (Fire), Who Upholds Earth, Sea And Sky (Earth, Water, Air).

Naturally Hephaistos, The Divine Smith, Is Closely Connected With Creative Fire – The Central Spiritual Sun , And His Name Is Often Used As A Synonym For Fire. Plato (Cratylus 407c) Explains That Hephaistos’ Name Comes From Phaistos, Lord Of Light (Phaeos Histora)
Eliade (Forge & Crucible) Argues That Alchemy Had Its Origin In The Ancient Craft Of The Smith, Which Combined Religion, Magic And Metallurgy. For Example, In The Greek Tradition, The Daktuloi (Dactyls), Telkhines (Telchines) And Kabeiroi (Cabiri) Are Magic-working Divine Smiths; All Come From Underground To Assist The Great Mother Rhea (Associated With Fire”). Of The Daktuloi (“Fingers”) It Is Said That The Right-hand Ones – The Flow Coming Down The Antahkarana From The Central Spiritual Sun Are Smiths

And The Left-hand Are Magicians – The Flow Coming Up The Antahkarana From The Kundalini Chakra (Goêtes).

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The Telkhines Are Also Sorcerer-smiths, Born Of Tartaros Or Kundalini Chakra. The Kabeiroi Of Samothrace, Who Are Skilled In Meteoric Alchemy And Instructed Orpheus In Their Mysteries, Are Called Hephaistoi Because They Are Smiths And Are Descended From Kabeiros And Kabeiria, That Is, Hephaistos And Hekate. Two Of Them Were Said To Stand On A Fire-sprouting Rock On Lemnos (Hephaistos’ Island), Brandishing Lightning Bolts And With Sparks Streaming From Their Eyes.

According To Alchemy, The Metals Of The Human Psychic Body Are Incubated Until They Are Purified And Become Gold By Fire In The Womb Of The Earth – This Is When We, “Drain The Last Dregs Of Our Vitriol”. Alchemists Only Accelerate Their Development. Since Hekate Is The Fiery Womb Who Inspires Matter With Spiritual Energy, She Is Also Called Nature (Phusis). Alchemists Connect The Earth And Sun By Means Of The Column Of The Antahkarana, Because The Fire That Comes From The Center Of The Earth Is The Key To The Alchemical Transformation, The Innate Heat Of The Womb Of Nature. Whereas, As We Will See Below, Hades Governs Rebirth Through The Mysteries By Means Of Death, Hephaistos Sun Governs Rebirth Through Alchemy Via The Womb (Fiery Initiation).

The Columns Of Protection Of Energy Enhancement Level 1 Initiation Six – Psychic Protection  is:

 The Guard Tower Of Zeus

The Central Fire In The Earths Center Is Tartaros,

The Foundation Of Zeus’s Guard Tower Antahkarana (Zanòs Púrgos, Phulakê Diós, Etc.), Which Is Below Hades.

Alchemical Vitriol Directory

The Kundalini Key Synthesis – Alchemical Vitriol,

Egyptian Ankh,


The Black Sun,

Pythagorean Philosophy
Kundalini Chakra,

The Medieval Circle Of Transformation,

Antahkarana Column,

Masonic Alchemical Joachim And Boaz,


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The Guard Tower Antahkarana Columns Of Zeus Is The Columns Of Protection Of Energy Enhancement Level One Initiation Six

The Foundations Of Energy Enhancement Synthesis Of And Secret Of All Paths –
The Middle Pillar Exercise Of The Golden Dawn – The “fountain Of Light”
Energy Enhancement Is Much More Effective Than This ..
Speed Up!!

“i Will Make The Victor A Pillar In The Temple Of My God, And He Shall Go Out No More: And I Will Write Upon Him The Name Of My God, And The Name Of The City Of My God, Which Is New Jerusalem, Which Cometh Down Out Of Heaven From My God: And I Will Write Upon Him My New Name.” Revelations 3:12

Several Variations Of The Middle Pillar Exercise Exist, However Their Fundamentals Remain The Same. Whether Or Not One Uses The Elements As Suggested By Regardie In “true Art Of Healing” Or The Sepherothic/planetary Correspondences As He Later Suggests (And Is Most Commonly Used) In His Book “the Middle Pillar” Is Irrelevant. The Methods Used By The Arum Solis Will Also Be Considered As An Alternative Exercise.

The Theoretical Basis Of The Middle Pillar Is That Through Imagination, Breath, And Concentration, The Psychic Energy Of Creation, Here Principally Yetzirah, Can Be Directed Allowing For A Purification Of The Vital Energy That Holds The Secret Fire In Check. As Our Psychic Centers Are Cleansed Of Emotional, Moral, And Materialistic Residue, They Better Reflect The Cosmic Energy That Works Through Them. Through Its Pre-described Pattern Of Circulating The Energy, The Middle Pillar Assists In Smoothing Out The Edges Of Our Aura, As Well As Increasing The Flow Of Energy In General Directions, So That The Psychic Pathways, Both Large And Small, Can Be Purified And Strengthened Through An Increase Of Vital Energy.

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The Pathways Described For The Middle Pillar Are Circular In Nature. They Are For The Most Part Large, Clear, And Bright, With A Reflective Quality To Them. Regardie Says That The Psychic Spheres Should Be Imagined Like Large, Clear, Brilliant Diamonds If No Other Color Is Known. Although, In The End, The Entire Sphere, Or Extended Aura, Of The Practitioner Should Be Imagined As A Brilliant Diamond Radiating Heat And Light.

The Beauty Of The Middle Pillar Is That It, Like Many Esoteric Practices, Is Really A Layered Exercise. Containing An Almost Infinite Amount Of Flexibility And Growth Potential. As The Practitioner Develops In Skill And Manipulation Of The Imagery, The Amount Of New Possibilities Increases.

One Of Central Movements Of The Middle Pillar Is The “fountain Of Light”. Here, The Practitioner Imagines A Brilliant Force Of Energy Forcing Its Way Up Through The Soles Of Their Feet And Out The Top Of Their Head, Spraying Along The Edges Of Their Aura, Making It Strong And Clear Of Any Roughness, And Gathering Again At Their Feet. This Cyclic Imagery Is Repeated Several Times. This Key Part Of The Exercise, Is The Central Part That Prepares The Central Pathways For The Eventual Release Of The Secret Fire. It Is Also Similar To Eastern Practices As Seen In Chinese Chi Kung, Indian Tantra, And Tibetan Vajrayana Yoga.

This Being Said, It Is Also Clear That Some Differences Exist Between Eastern And Western Methods Of Releasing The Secret Fire. The Methods Of Direct Work On The Psychic Centers, And An Upward Climbing Of The Spinal Column Is More Traumatic Than The More General Work Of The Middle Pillar. It Is For This Reason, That The Techniques Of Yoga, Save A Few, That Are Aimed Straight Away At Releasing The Secret Fire, Require Supervision Of A Guru. Being That They So Restrict The Activities Of The Practitioner, And Require Close Supervision, They Are Also Systems That Are Impractical For Day To Day Life In American And European Culture.
While Similarities Exist, And Will Be Examined, The Major Differences Appear To Be The Following:

1) Indian Yoga

Indian Yoga Is Aimed Principally At Liberation From The Physical Realm In As Quick A Method As Possible. Western Esoteric Practices Are Aimed At The Perfection Of Matter And The Psyche Within The Material World, And Not An Abandonment Of It.

2) Chinese Yoga

Chinese Yoga, Or Chi Kung, Is More Akin To Western Practices, In That It Is Aimed At Perfection Of The Material World, And Even The Spiritualizing Of The Body Into A “body Of Light”. It However, Is More Akin To Indian Yoga, In That It Starts At Level Of The Etheric Body (Nadis Or Acupuncture Points) And Proceeds From There. This “from The Bottom Up, And Inside Out” Approach Is Different From The Middle Pillars “top Down, Outside In” Method. Because The Etheric Body Is Directly Effected Early On, The Effects Are More Dramatic, As Well As Potentially Traumatic For The Unprepared. In The Middle Pillar, The Etheric Body Is Often The Last Thing Effected. This Is Because The Symbolism Used, As Well As The Need To Develop Skills In Concentration, Visualization, And Meditation Effect Primarily The Mental Outlook Of The Practitioner For A Long Period Of Time. Only After Considerable Practice, Of A Year Or More, On A Daily Basis, Do The Effects Of The Middle Pillar Begin To Sink Into The Astral Body, And Eventually Filter Into The Etheric And Physical Bodies Of The Practitioner.

It Is Stated In One Source, That It Takes A Minimum Of Three Years For Even The Most Advanced Yoga Practitioner To Release The Kundalini Through Special Exercises. A ‘release’ Which We Have Stated, Is Not A Release Per Say, But The Removal Of Obstacles To Its Natural Expression. This Is A Critical Point, Since It Is Often Said That To Experience Kundalini Will Often Take Twenty Years Of Practice Of Esoteric Exercises, Or Even Hatha Yoga, The Same Amount Of Time It Took Nicholas Flamel To Confect The Philosopher’s Stone. During A Recent Workshop, Jean Dubuis Stated That It May Be Possible To Complete The Flamel Method In Three Years. It May Be That For The Alchemist, The Interior Creation Of The Philosopher’s Stone Is Nothing Short Of The Kundalini Experience, And The Exterior Creation Of The Stone Is The Ability To Direct This Cosmic Creative Energy At Will.

With The Initiations Of Energy Enhancement Utilising A Much Better Map, This Time Is Compressed So We Can Have The Same Effects In Just A Few Weeks On The Energy Enhancement Live Courses.

3) Tibetan Systems

Tibetan Systems Run Somewhere Between The Chinese And Indian, In That They Are Concerned With Liberation, But Also With The Creation Of An Etherial Body Made From Their Bodily Essences. This Diamond Body, Or Rainbow Body, Is Pure Light And Can Materialize At The Will Of The Adept. Like The Chinese And Indian Systems, The Tibetan Use A Rituals For The Purification Of The Mind And Emotions Of The Practitioners, As Well As The Visual Images In Both Anthropomorphic Deities And Abstract Geometric Forms. The Rituals Of The Pentagram And Hexagram Fulfill This Function When Performing The Middle Pillar.
Thus, We Can See, The Major Differences In Eastern And Western Practices Can Be Summarized In Function And Reference Point Of Origin. The East Seeks Liberation Through Progressive Untying Of The Knots Of Ignorance – Energy Blockages – That Bind Humanity To Incarnation. The West Seeks To Perfect The Material World Making Material Reality A Reflection Of A Purified Spiritual Reality – As Within, So Without!” – Hermes Trismegistus. One Accomplished, The Adept Can Then Proceed To Disincarnate At Will.

“There Are Many Fires In The World, And Many People With Buckets Looking To Put Them Out. Yet Those Buckets Are Filled With Petrol!!” – Swami Satchidanand On Why Release Energy Blockages!

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