To Develop A Golden Head Of Spiritual Light

Creating The Golden Head Shining With The Light

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“Creating The Golden Head” Is A Sufi Phrase Which Comes Before Illumination. It Refers To The Practise Of Samadhi (Sam – With, Adhi – The Light) Burning Out All The Impurities.

Spiritual Gold, “The More You Heat It – The More It Shines” Thiruvalluvar, Tamil Siddha
If We Can Get Our Bodies Square To The Earth, Base Chakra Rooted In The Earths Center, Head In The Central Spiritual Sun.. Speed Up! Power Up!

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Why Do No Other Courses Have These Polarities Inbuilt –
Why Do They Make You Search For 20 Years In Order To Find Them?

The Golden Head – Base Chakra Rooted In The Earths Center, Head In The Central Spiritual Sun
Has Been Removed From All Traditional Meditations – Thus “Traditional Forms Of Meditation Are Designed To Fail!!”
Read All The Techniques Taken Out Of Traditional Meditations And Put Back By Energy Enhancement!!

Power Up!!
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The Energy Enhancement Connection
“Connect, Only Connect” – Goethe
Electricity Needs Two Polarities In Order To Flow – Rooted In The Earth – Head In The Center Of The Universe – If You Are Not Connected, If You Are Blocked At Either Pole – Electricity Will Not Flow

Buddha Knew About The Golden Head Too But All World Religion Is Run By, “Those Who Came After”
“If The Map Is Correct – Spiritual Experience Surely Follows” – Satchidanand
Golden Light Surges Into My Brain…

“A Point Of Light Explodes, It Opens And Golden Light Surges In To My Brain From The Center Of My Head. Like Liquid Light It Fills Me Up And At The Same Time The Universe Is Born, The Light Expands Forming Energies That Divide And Merge Forming Particles Eventually Forming Atoms, Molecules Which Form Stardust Stars Solar Systems Galaxies, Planets And The They Form Life, Living Cells That Connect To Form A Physical Brain, Manifestation Of The Cosmic Mind And Consciousness, Eventually Reaching My Cortex And I Open My Eyes And Remember My Self.

My Center Is The Center Of The Universe, The Circle Is Complete! I Am Absolutely Everything. All Time Is Curved Around Me, All Galactic Systems Are Me, All Life Is Me And I Am Through This Small Body I Am Complete. My Personal Mind Goes In To Absolute Shock, Into Hysterical Laughter That I Cannot Stop. I Am Overflowing Billion Times Billion. Infinite Amount Of Information Fills Me In A Timeless Time, My Consciousness Is Flowing From The Beginningless Beginning Of All Reaching The Final Destination Of All.
The Grand Cycle Is Complete And I Encounter All The Infinite Forms Of Existence As Well As The Formless Forms Of Enlightenment Beings, The Future. I Am, One With My Self From The Future! From The Times Of Conscious Creation. There Is Only Space, All Of My Meridians Are One! Stretching Through All The Creation. Then I Leave My Body And I Am Guided Through Many Things That I Cannot Explain Or Remember In My Current State.”

As We Were Talking Well Into The Night At The End Of Our Energy Enhancement Course At Iguassu Together.
After He Has Removed Many Energy Blockages Over The Last Four Weeks. Blockages Above The Crown Chakra In The Antahkarana Which Were Preventing Him From Re-connecting With The Source Of All Life. He Described One Of The Blockages Between One Million And Infinity Of Chakras Above The Head As A Dense Translucent Crystal Which Was Incredibly Difficult To Remove, Different From The Other Blockages Which He Had Found Below It Which Were Dense And Covered With A Black Tarry Substance Or Blood And Which Were More Easy To Transmute And Dissolve.

We Eventually Get Into A State Of Energy Transfer. We Both Feel It As White Light Flowing From One To The Other In An Incredibly Intense Way Which Lasts For Two Hours. At The End Of That Time I Perceive An Initiation Which Is Taking Place On The Astral Plane. Surrounded By A Group Of Ascended Masters I Introduce Him To The Chief Initiator Who Uses The Rod Of Initiation To Touch His Third Eye With The Intense Energies Of Initiation So That His Energies Can Never Again Drop Into That State We Call Normal Waking Consciousness.

Never To Lose The Light Of Enlightenment, Ever Again!!

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