Symbols Of Kundalini Kriyas Decoded – Unicorn, Holy Grail, Cornucopia and more….

 Symbols Of Kundalini Kriyas Decoded – Unicorn, Holy Grail, Cornucopia and more….

The Real Energy Enhancement Alchemy!!

The Advanced Kundalini Kriyas Of Kriya Yoga And Contact With Kundalini Chakra In The Center Of The Earth Whose Nuclear Fires Can Burn Up Even The Deepest Karma!!

The Base Chakra, Contact With The Fiery Energy Of Kundalini Chakra Which Exists In The Center Of The Earth.
The Base Chakra Blockages Are Those Of Money So, By Using The Techniques Of Energy Enhancement To Remove The Blockages Of The Base Chakra, We Are Removing Blockages To Having Money, Abundance, A Cornucopia Of Wealth, Energy, Happiness And Life Energy!!

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Cornucopia – The Cup, The Chalice, The Sang Real, The Holy Grail, Horn Of Plenty – Symbol Of The Base Kundalini Chakra

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The Base Chakra Connects With The Earth.
Here!! Now!!
That’s Why You Are Suffering. That’s Why You Are Poor — Because You Have Forgotten How To Live On This Earth! Nobody Has Taught You How To Live On This Earth, How To Love This Earth. They Have All Taught You That This Earth Is Ugly, That It Is A Punishment That You Have Been Sent Here, That You Are Not Supposed To Enjoy. If You Enjoy, You Will Be Sent Again. You Are Supposed To Be Very Sad, Detached. You Have To Renounce All The Joys Of The Earth So Next Time You Don’t Have To Be Born, And Then You Will Enjoy Heavenly Pleasures.

Because These People Have Been Talking Too Much About The “Other World”, They Have Destroyed This World. I Teach You This Earth.

This Very Earth, The Paradise. This Very Body The Buddha – Osho

Cornucopia – Symbol Of The Base Chakra

Cornucopia Is One Of The Horns Of Amaltheia, The Goat-nymph Who Nursed Zeus. She Gave It To Zeus Who Presented It To Adrasteia And Io, Two Other Nymphs: It Became The Horn Of Plenty (Latin: Cornus=horn, Copia=abundance), Which Is Always Filled With Whatever Food Or Drink Its Owner May Desire.
A Very Common Decoration Theme, Cornucopia Is Often Shown In A Very Standardized Way (See The Cornucopias In Porta Del Popolo In Rome).
An Exception Is The Long Cornucopia Held By The River Tiber In A Colossal Statue Now In Piazza Del Campidoglio In Rome…. Here It Is…

Cornucopia – Symbol Of The Base Chakra And Sex!!
“Around The Horn” Also Refers To The Powers Of Generation, Of Sex – Also The Traditional Powers Of Kundalini And The Base Chakra

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The Antahkarana Also Refers To The Unicorn – So, By Removing The Blockages Of Ajna Chakra The Psychic Powers Of The Third Eye And Of The Rainbow Bridge, A Horn Emanating From The Crown Chakra Leading To Wisdom, Psychic Vision And The Actualisation Of All Our Dreams, Our Soul Path Which We Teach In Energy Enhancement Initiation 4.

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The Holy Trinity And Myth Of The Virgin And The Unicorn

The Holy Trinity And Myth Of The Virgin And The Unicorn – The Female Virgin, Earth, The Male Unicorn, Heaven, And The Spiral Horn, The Holy Spirit, The Antahkarana, Axis Mundi Represents The Holy Trinity, Father Son And Holy Spirit – Sat Chid Ananda The Union Of Heaven And Earth, Shiva And Shakti.


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