Star Wars Force exists and can be experienced with Energy Enhancement.
Star Wars ‘The Force’ was developed by Lucas influenced by Eastern Religions.

In Star Wars the Force, can be felt and used by the Jedi Knights of by practitioners of the Dark side. The Force flows through them.

In Star Wars what stops you experiencing the Force is Fear. This is the same in real life.

Star Wars Force does exist, and can be felt by Experienced martial artists (Ki of Chi), Yogis (Prana) and healers.

However it takes a long time before a Martial Artists can experience the Force. Some never do. It can take years of Yoga and CORRECT meditation practice.

The Energy Enhancement meditation is designed to put you in contact with the Universal Energy Force almost immediately by removing the blockages and strategies that are stopping you experiencing it.

Energy Enhancement Mediation is the most advanced yet easiest technique to access Universal Energy, develop psychic powers, ground emotional energies and get in touch with your life path.

Yoda: Size matters not. Look at me. Judge me by my size, do you? Hm  Mmmm.

Luke shakes his head.

Yoda continues: And well you should not. For my ally in the Force. And a powerful ally it is. Life creates it, makes it grow. It’s energy surrounds us and binds us. Luminous beings are we…

(Yoda pinches Luke’s shoulder)

…not this crude matter. (a sweeping gesture) You must feel the Force around you. (gesturing) Here, between you…me…the tree…the rock…everywhere! Yes, even between this land and that ship!

Yoda: Concentrate…feel the Force flow. Yes. Good. Calm, yes. Through the Force, things you will see. Other places. The future…the past. Old friends long gone.

Yoda: Jedi’s strength flows from the Force.

Yoda- “Beware of the dark side. Anger…fear…aggression. The dark side of the Force are they. Easily they flow, quick to join you in a fight.”

Energy Enhancement is a fusion by Satchidanand of Zen Meditation with Zen Master Roshi Hogen, Kriya Yoga, Integral Yoga with Swami Satchidananda, regular and prolonged study with other Yoga Masters in India, and with Taoist techniques and NLP (Neurolinguistic programming), and with other techniques.. He has integrated his thirty five years experience into a technique that includes the ancient effective and often hidden techniques, including the Kundalini Kriyas and theTaoist Microcosmic orbit, as well as less know techniques.

It allows the energy to flow up and down the spine and connects you to theuniversal energy flow.

The technique has been taught and developed by Satchidanand to students for over twenty years in a series of easy steps in the Meditation retreat, or via a home study course, and now via Videos.

The Ancient principles behind the Energy Enhancement technique are also fully described in the downloadable Energy Enhancement book.





(swap ‘si’ and ‘th’  around and you get ‘this’)


When George Lucas put pen to paper 30 odd years ago to write Star Wars he wrote from the roots of the past using Myth and mythical story from thousands of years of mystical literature which is far higher than the contemporary novels and stories which spring from the common psychopathic existential intellectual mind set.

Why is it higher? Because it cries, “May the Force be with you!!”

To those of you with, “Ears to Hear” It is because it talks of an energy higher than the mind called the Intuition or the Soul. It brings the higher mind or the Soul full frontal back into society after centuries of darkness. Because it brings the Light of the Soul (Lucas means Light Bringer) back into these times which we can call the “Dark Ages”

Shakespeare, another mystical master, knew of this perversion called common contemporary novels and movies. He called them, “Full of sound and fury, signifying Nothing!” Whereas the best of literature from Jallaluddhin Rumi to Shakespeare, to Tolkien to Lucas is nothing but Meaning and Significance.

On television we have significance and meaning? with weekly programs based on the police in order to inculcate trust in the police, that they are not corrupt. We have weekly programs about lawyers so that we know that they are good and interested in truth and justice. We even had shows about Oilmen like the Beverly hill billies the Clampets and Dallas to make us warm to the families owning the oil. There is even one about “The Love Boat” which advertises the cruise business to get people to go on cruises. I saw one last week about Las Vegas with Stallone and Caan whose purpose was to get more people to go there and show casino owners as warm hearted. Then many popular shows about daily life so that messages can be given, order created, population controlled, their reason for creation from the radio days over 60 years ago, and some of them have been going for that long.

Rather than that, the best of literature points out universal truths which can be “applied” in the Tolkienian sense to Your life and to this world. Here and Now! This is meaning and significance, words which are not talked about by critics or commentators presently on any movie in the IMDB database (The Internet Movie Database at thus partly proving my assertion in the first paragraph above, that meaning and significance are things which are not commonly understood by the psychopathic Sith Lords and their clone accomplices.



Yoda: Premonitions , premonitions. Mm what are these visions you have

Anakin: They’re of pain, suffering, death.

Yoda: Yourself u speak of or someone you know

Anakin: Someone

Yoda: Close to you?

Anakin: Yes

Yoda: Careful you must be when sensing the future Anakin, a fear of loss is the path to the dark side

Anakin: I won’t let these visions come true Master Yoda

Yoda: Death is a natural part of life, rejoice for those around you that transform to the force, mourn them do not, miss them do not, attatchment leads to jealousy, the shadow of greed that is

Anakin: What must I do Master yoda?

Yoda: Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose..

This is a difficult task to do. However with Energy Enhancement Medition – The Mastery of Relationships Level 4 you can use powerful meditive techniques to clear energy cords to family, friends, lovers, partners etc. You can further heal the trauma of bereavement, negative experiences from all relationships.

So, the main themes in the Revenge of the Sith are..

1. Pointing out the qualities and actions and mind set of the psychopathic Sith Lords like The Emperor and Darth Vader from Star Wars or Sauron the Black Magician, The Witch King of Angmar or Saruman the bad wizard from The Lord of the Rings and their minions or accomplices whether they be called Orcs from the Lord of the Rings or Clones from Lucas’s Clone Army or “Dracula” from Francis Ford Copola’s Movie or Salieri From the Movie “Amadeus”. How these people are cut off from their higher mind or Soul, consciously cut themselves off from their higher mind or do not know of and disparage the Souls existence, and thus with no empathy or conscience Sith Lords can order the murder of 6 millions of Jews, in all, 200 millions of people murdered by Stalin, Hitler and Mao this last century.

These people are the Sith Lords. Turning the letters of Sith around you get “This” and its meaning and significance are that these are the Lords, like Stalin, Mao and Hitler, who rule THIS Planet, NOW!

In terms of Star Wars a Sith Lord uses negative emotions like Anger to access the perverted Dark side of the force whereas a Jedi Knight, like all enlightened beings, has trained himself to lose and transmute all negative emotions like anger, depression, manicism, wanting sympathy and attention, and fear into positive emotions like compassion, non attachment, willpower and universal love. This is the training we give on the Energy Enhancement course.

Sith Lords Lie. The Emperor said the Jedi are traitors and must be destroyed. “Fair is Foul and Foul is Fair. Hover through the Fog and Filthy air!” Said Shakespeares Witches in Macbeth where he pointed out that the cause of Macbeth’s treachery was the Dark Side. According to common understanding, carbon dioxide which plants use as food is pollution whereas poisonous Dioxins, PCBs and Pthalates are allowed from fuctories and incinerators and more and more are built.

In terms of Star Wars a Sith Lord uses terms of Absolutes like black and white to say, “If you are not with me then you are my enemy.”

They have no loyalty, the Emperor destroyed his allies in the trade federation as soon as they became unnecessary, just like the Jewish leaders of the ghettos in Germany during the second world war were told they would be saved if they helped to send the rest of the Jews to the gas ovens. They themselves were then sent to the gas ovens in the last train.

The Emperor told of how he assassinated his master to become leader. Just like when Lenin died, was assassinated, Stalin became leader.

2. How these Sith psychopaths come into being. What causes them to become psychopathic? Why do they take the Ring?

Annakin becomes a psychopathic Sith Lord because he wants to save his wife in the way that he could not save his mother. He was so DISAPPOINTED by the Death of his mother that he would do anything to prevent the death of his wife. He is so attached to his mother and to his wife that he would do anything, even become a psychopathic Sith Lord, to save them. He was told lies that he would be taught how to give his wife eternal life. When he took the Ring in the Tolkienian sense then that Ring perverted him.

When we join in something bad then the psychopathic Sith Lords always want proof of your badness otherwise they will destroy you. So they ask you to do some little thing and this action so perverts you that you will continue, you think you cannot go back after what you have done. Eventually it leads on worse and worse to kill or destroy someone. In this way we are all tested in this life.

The psychopathic Ring takers are sucked into power and riches if they do this little thing. And as they continue, that little thing they have to do gets worse and worse, until they become a Lord of the Sith, a psychopathic leader. In a psychopathic Sith organisation the people who will not do this little bad thing are demoted and lose power and prestige, this is how you know the difference between which organisation is psychopathically bad and which is good.

Annakin was told to go to the Jedi Temple and to murder all the little Jedi children. This he did.

The Sith Master Looks on in glee at Anakin as he realises his sacrifices to the Dark Side have not paid off. They never do. Better to heal and transmute negative emotions – Energy Enhancement Meditation has the techniques!

Another example of this is when they asked the Chief torturer from the time of the Generals in the 1960’s in Greece, how he had found his accomplices to do his torturing. He said it was easy, “We just took 10 likely candidates from the army every week and gave them some mild torturing tasks. Those who did well we promoted and kept. Those who did badly we demoted and sent back to the army!”

When Annakin became a psychopathic Sith Lord he tried to kill his wife because she was against him. The Emperor laughed when he told Darth Vader that his anger had destroyed her. He had proved himself a psychopathic Sith. Anger is always destructive.

And in “Amadeus” Salieri became so DISAPPOINTED in God after he had offered his chastity and his industry to God so that he could create wonderful music. Everyone liked his music. The King liked his music. He liked himself. But when he heard the music of Mozart he knew that Mozart’s music was directly from God, and this unchaste, lewd, rude, punk of a musician was creating music far higher than he could ever create. He was so DISAPPOINTED that he swore undying hatred of God and threw his cross on the fire. And he swore undying hatred to his creation, Mozart. And so, cutting himself off from his soul, he slowly did worse and worse things, eventually murder, to destroy Gods creation, Mozart. He eventually become patron saint of all mediocrity, “full of sound and fury, signifying Nothing!”, on this planet. And that is This.

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And in “Dracula” from Ford Coppola, Dracula was so DISAPPOINTED by the suicide death of his wife that he became angry with God. “How could God allow this to happen!” he cried and so swore undying enmity to God and all creation. He cut himself off from his Soul and became one of the undead. “The Blood is the Life!!” – he cannot take his energy from the Soul, from God, instead he must parasithise everyone for Blood, he becomes a bloodsucker. Like Darth Vader who repented, Dracula also repented and in the end made his peace with God. Anyone can come back from the psychopathic Sith!

In Ancient times The Lord Buddha said, “Attachment leads to Pain”

But the real route is attachment, disappointment, pain, anger, revenge. And it goes on, round and round like a Wheel. The Buddhist Wheel of the Law, of The buddhist Wheel of Karma, OF THE LORDS OF THE SITH. And that, is This…




3. ANGER –




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