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Five Secrets of Meditation Worth Knowing About

By Amara Atmananda

Meditation is a Major asset to our lives.

Some of us do it naturally, some of the time. However, most of us need all the help we can get until it starts to become part of our nature. Gurdjeiff describes it as “Being mentation” a constant state of meditation.  Lots can be said that expands on this, but for now in short, it’s a state of being in the present.

Being in the present sounds like such a simple thing. We hear people say it, “be present” and it’s a good point to make, however there’s not much advice on how to get there. To that state of Being which is Fully Present. Theres so just so much that moves us away from that state of being.

Here’s where the other aspects of Meditation come into play.  If meditation is a state of being, then it has a multifaceted nature to it.  It is not one dimensional… it’s a journey. One on which you get lighter as you drop the baggage you thought you needed along the way. A journey on which you get clearer and brighter, wiser and more content.

If you want to be more present, then here are 5 Facets of meditation that get things moving in the right direction for you!

1.Grounding yourself by connecting to the center of the Earth

The spiritual core and heart of the Planet has been well known throughout the ages for its ability to transmute. There’s power there that all strongly grounded individuals connect to.  If our psychic spiritual roots to the Earth’s Center are clear, then our ability to release and let go of the blockages in our lives is much easier.  The Earth center is the Kundalini Chakra. The flow of this energy though your chakras has profound healing affects.

There’s a well-known saying which refers to humanity as being sick. When you think about so many people being blocked up from this abundant natural healing source then you can see how this is so.

In The Energy Enhancement Meditation Course you can learn for yourself how clear your connection to center of the Earth.  ALCHEMICAL V.I.T.R.I.O.L is an esoteric acronym for;

“Visita Interiora Terræ Rectificando Invenies Occultum Lapidem”


“Visit the interior of the earth and [by] purifying [yourself] you will find the hidden stone”.

Stone refers to the Philosopher’s Stone. This in itself. is an Alchemical Substance which turns base metal into gold. So the center of the Earth is a place in which you can connect to and use to purify yourself of negativity.

The Earth Kundalini Energy purifies and heals our ‘base metal’ aka our ‘heavy dense stuff’ our Energy Blockages into Gold – Wisdom. “Sophia” in Greek is another name for the Goddess of Wisdom signifying the presence of Divine Mother Earth’s manifestation on the Planet.

What’s very interesting is that same Divine Energy can both be used to liberate spiritual energy, as mentioned above. Or encapsulate it within illusion as in Hebrew name Chokmah/Sophia. So either we turn our Base Metal into Gold or be ladened down by it.


 ALL stuck energy aka blockages, dam – DAMN your energy flow.  What an appropriate pun! So best to make Gold!

Who is a spiritually well-grounded individual? One who is able to maintain peace by transmuting negativity and freeing up the wisdom and goodness.

Wisdom is the gold that you keep with you always. Its energy feeds your soul. Or as Gurdjieff put it increases its “vivefyingness” it enriches your entire being. It can be used to “coat your Higher Being Bodies” – another Gurdjeiff term meaning to connect to Higher Chakras outside of the body – Higher Self.

Which leads on to the 2nd Secret of Meditation.

2.Meditation on Higher Chakras

 By drawing your concertation towards higher energy, you can use this High Vibrational Energy to develop mental clarity, calmness and deep inner peace.  When you meditate on higher chakras you begin to integrate that energy. So the saying goes; where your mind is there your heart is. The higher the Chakras the broader and vaster the energy, the higher the perspective, the more altruistic your vision and presence. You exist for the Highest Good for all.

The meditation on Higher Chakras is a journey towards Fusion with Higher Chakras, the first being the Soul Chakra (Soul Fusion) all the way to God Infinity.

The Soul chakra is the access point to all of your talents and gifts. To insights, innovation, soul groups, genius and creativity.

In The Energy Enhancement Meditation Course you shown how to connect to Higher Chakras, clear your connections to them and use their power to further free yourself from blockages that bind you.

You are an infinite being. You’re here to realise this in your unique and specific way. By investing the time to connect to Higher energy you loosening the tough clutches on things that are passing. Many people try all kinds of ways to do this. Ultimately we need to be a peace where ever we are. What that means is that we need to be tuned into The Soul, Higher Chakras, God Infinity always. By doing so you will always have that inner truth, peace, love, light and realization of your True Self. You will trust in Higher Guidance.  By putting in the effort eventually through your practice you will ground and dissolve all the blockages in all shapes, names and forms.

3.Meditation on The Antahkarana

Meditation that uses your awareness of the Antahkarana helps you clear your connection to the earth universe and to infinity.  It is an upwards and downwards Flowing Column of Energy and you and your chakras are a part of that Epic Great Flow.

Those Higher Chakras mentioned above are included in the Antahkarana.  It is a ladder that can take your awareness higher.  The more time you spend in those Higher Chakras along the Antahkarana Ladder the more Energy you access.

  The purity of this Powerful Energy is Love and Love is energy of change.

Change for the Highest good. The presences of this Energy will high-light what needs to be Healed, transmuted and liberated back into the flow of the Antahkarana.

Any blockages along this Epic Column of Energy can and do impede essential “Reciprocal Maintenance” a term coined by Gurdjieff to describe the very necessary exchange of spiritual Energy Emanating from Higher Divine Sources- Higher Chakras – All originating from God.

In Level 2 Energy Enhancement Meditation Course you learn to explore your Antahkarana and clear it from blockages by grounding them.

4.Meditation which includes Laws of Manifestation

There are some interesting concepts about numerology that describe Energy. Seen as Meditation is getting into the know how about energy, you can use this knowledge to help you navigate

In particular, is a Sacred Law that relates to what Gurdjief referred to as Heptaparaparshinokh or 7 Foldness. This is a concept that many people throughout times have come to discover; That one of the primary universal laws of manifestation is SEVEN. This is mirrored in things great and small. This pattern keeps unfolding, continuously mirroring. Hence the word “foldness”.

 We can see this in The White Ray of Light as it splits into 7 the colours of the rainbow. It would appear that sound and elements are all reflective of this Sacred Law. Of course the 7 Chakras within the body as well. Each ray of the rainbow attributes to a chakra,

The Energy Enhancement Meditation Course Level 2 teaches you how meditate using a7 Step Process to break up blockages.  To look into the nature of things more deeply. To see how things manifested in your life. To further free yourself from the things that bind you to stagnation, pain and negativity.  You can use this 7 Step Process to maintain your Inner Peace.

5.Meditation Circulation

This might seem like a paradox seen as circulation implies movement and much of what meditation seems to aim towards is a sense of inner stillness.  You are capable of tuning into both of these, because everything manifested within the universe is in constant flux. However, the original energy behind the scenes which animates everything and observes, is a calm stillness.

We are not just a manifested item of the universe subject to change, we are also part of that Energy behind it. That Divine calm stillness which is the reason, purpose and meaning of it ALL.

Using meditation, you can observe, heal and clear the interconnected universe. Much of this has been explained above about the connection between yourself, higher chakras, the center of the Earth to God Infinity.

An essentially important aspect of Energy connections is the ones that relate to all those people around you as well as those that have been part of your manifestation. Namely your family, friends, social groups etc.

By meditating on various people and the energy flow between you and them you can gain insight into issues, heal your relationships and situations. Very importantly you can heal the way YOU relate to them i.e. attachment, negativity, desire – all things that ultimately lead to more blockages! This is one powerful way to create harmony, peace and joy in your life and the world.

Energy Enhancement Meditation Level 4 Mastery Of Relationships help you to understand and see how energy connections work and what goes wrong and how to make things right. It teaches you exactly how to comb through the knotty blockages of connections so that energy can circulate healthily and freely.

So there you have it! 5 Secrets of Meditation that can illuminate your Life. Energy Enhancement Meditation Uses them ALL.  If you want to find out more, sign up to receive some FREE wisdom boosting Energy Enhancement Books and take a look at Energy Enhancement Meditation Course:

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Love, Light and Realisation

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