Circulation of the Kundalini Key – Symbolic Meaning of the Egyptian Ankh, the Tartaros and The Black Sun

Circulation of the Kundalini Key – Symbolic Meaning of the Egyptian Ankh, the Tartaros and The Black Sun

Squaring The Circle Of The Earth

It Is Also, More Ancient, The Shape Of The Ankh From Egypt And Thus The First Alchemist Hermes Trismegistus Because This Meditation Is Codified In Vitriol – The First Formula Of Alchemy.

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It Is Also, More Ancient, From 5000 Years The Shape Of The Shiva Lingham And Yoni From Hindu Sources.

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And More Recently From The Shape Of The Fountain From The Alhambra In Granada Whose Grand Visier At That Time Was Abubacer In Charge Of A Sufi School There.

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In The Picture Below We See The Cauldron Symbolising The Round Earth – With A Sage Holding The Kundalini Key Inside Of It – Dissolving All The Demon Energy Blockages From The Backs Of The People – The Monkey On The Back.

The Flames From The Center Of The Earth Rising To Heaven With Its Angels, The Chakras Above The Head, And To The Other Polarity Of The Sun. This Is Showing A Circulation Of Energies Between Heaven And Earth Which Is The Natural Order.

This Circulation Is A Guided Meditation Found In Traditions From All Over The World.
The Kundalini Kriyas
The Masonic Joachim And Boaz
The Egyptian Emerald Tablet Of Hermes Trismegistus
The Hindu Antahkarana
The Taoist Meditational Orbits
The Buddhist Stupas And Stream Enterers
Gurdjieff Reciprocal Maintenance
The Gurdjieff Ray Of Creation

All These Above Are A Representation Of Energy Circulation, The Grounding Of Negative Energies And The Removal Of Energy Blockages – Energy Enhancement!! It Is Indeed, Another Representation Of The Kundalini Key..

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The Holy Spirit Is The Flames In The Alchemical Picture Above So This Energy Circulation Now Spreads Out To Contain All The Holy Trinities.
The Father The Son And The Holy Spirit
Sat Chid Anand
The Hindu Tri-murthy – Brahma, Shiva, Shakti
The Holy Grail – Christ, The Blood Of Christ Or The Sang Real, And The Cup Which Holds The Blood Of Christ

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The Quality Of Mercy Is Not Constrained. It Droppeth As The Gentle Dew From Heaven Upon Its Place Beneath. It Is Twice Blessed, First By He Who Gives. Then By He Who Receives. – The Holy Trinity Of William Shakespeare – Sheiks Pir

Gurdjieff – His Antahkarana Ray Of Creation – A Column Of Energy With Upward And Downward Flows Connecting Heaven And Earth

Note That This Is The Completion Of The Octave – The Quantum Leap From One Energy State To Another – Which Can Only Occur With The Absorbtion Of Extra Energy From An Enlightened Master

Kundalini Chakra
Pythagorean Foundations Of Energy Enhancement – The Central Fire, Kundalini Chakra In The Center Of The Earth

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Having Considered Fire In The Microcosm, We Now Turn To The Macrocosm. According To The Pythagoreans, The Enveloping Fire Of The Sun Is Balanced By A Central Fire In The Center Of The Earth. Indeed, Empedocles Says That Many Fires Burn Beneath The Earth, That The Solar Fire Was Born In The Bowels Of The Earth, And That Volcanic Fire Shoots To The Heavens And Licks The Stars. Thus Fire Is The Highest And The Lowest Element; It Is As Though The Elemental Square Has Been Unfolded Into A Line Of The Antahkarana (See Figure). This Results In A Series Of Cosmic Spheres: Celestial Fire, Air, Water, Earth, And Central Fire; The Celestial Fire Of God Mirrors The Central Fire Of Kundalini Chakra In The Center Of The Earth As Though In A Higher Octave.
One Might Suppose That The “Fires Of Hades” Is A Christian Notion, But It Actually Has Its Roots In Ancient Greek Esoteric Doctrine. As Explained In The “Introduction” And In “Earth,” “Water” And “Air,” Empedocles’ “Enigma” Associates Earth With Hera, Water With Persephone, Air With Zeus, And Fire With Hades. However, There Are Many Additional Signposts To The Central Fire, For Empedocles Teaches That The Ultimate Source Of All Fire Is Hades, And That The Central Fire Is The Source Of All Life, Creation And Destruction (See “Hephaistos And Alchemy,” Below).
Energy Circulation Of The Elements – The Medieval Circle Of Transformation

The Circle Of Transformation Is Extended Into An Antahkarana Column

In Reality The Circle Of Transformation Is Extended Into The Antahkarana Column Which Has Two Flows, Upward And Downward, Each With Magnetic Spirals Around It
“i Will Make The Victor A Pillar In The Temple Of My God, And He Shall Go Out No More: And I Will Write Upon Him The Name Of My God, And The Name Of The City Of My God, Which Is New Jerusalem, Which Cometh Down Out Of Heaven From My God: And I Will Write Upon Him My New Name.” Revelations 3:12

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The Masonic Joachim And Boaz Columns Are The Antahkarana, The Kundalini Kriyas And Vitriol

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The Upward Flow From Earth To Heaven Has Clockwise Spirals Around It, The Downward Flow Has Anticlockwise Spirals Around It As Shown Below In The Masonic Joachim And Boaz Columns

The Antahkarana Strand Of DNA

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The Two Spiral Flows, 180 Degrees Out Of Phase, Come Together In One Antahkarana Column Of Protection – Energy Enhancement Initiation 6 – As In A Strand Of Dna

The Earth’s Center, The Fission Black Sun Of Tartaros And The Energy Flow Between The Sun And The Center Of The Earth
According To Myth, After The Sun Sets, It Shines In Tartaros. Therefore The Central Fire Of Kundalini Chakra In The Center Of The Earth Is Known As The Dark Sun, The Black Sun, The Invisible Sun, The Subterranean Sun And The Volcanic Sun, And There Is A Paradoxical Unity Between The Sun And The Underworld. This Is Why Parmenides Was Led By The Daughters Of The Sun Into The House Of Night; It Is Also The Path Followed By The Dead.

The Energy From The Center Of The Earth – The Black Sun – Flows Out In All Directions – This Is The Kundalini Key
More Precisely, The Central Fire In The Earths Center Is Tartaros, The Foundation Of Zeus’s Guard Tower Antahkarana (Zanòs Púrgos, Phulakê Diós, Etc.), Which Is Below Hades.

The Guard Tower Antahkarana Columns Of Zeus Are The Energy Enhancement Antahkarana Power Tower Protection Of Level One Initiation Six
The Astrological Symbol For The Sun Represents The Fire At The Center; It Was Also An Ancient Alchemical Symbol For Sulphur, The Fiery Principle. The Doctrine Of The Central Fire Is The Original, Mystical Heliocentric Theory, Which Copernicus Borrowed, But Has Become Debased Into No More Than Astronomy. Copernicus Himself Called It The “Pythagorean Theory.”

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